Blood Stopper Bandage

If you haven't heard of Blood Stopper Bandage, it's a multipurpose wound dressing made of conforming gauze and a non-stick pad. This versatile dressing is commonly found in first aid kits and is widely used by medical personnel. Its non-stick pad protects the wound and clots blood, and it has an elastic bandage that clings to itself for support. This bandage is incredibly useful for controlling bleeding, but it's not for every wound.It's a new bandage that doesn't get wet with blood and doesn't stick to the wound. This link sheds light into the topic, so check it out!


Researchers at the University of Arizona developed this bandage by combining both of these properties in one material. It works well to stop bleeding quickly after a traumatic event. And, it's also effective when applied over an open wound, too. Blood-repellent bandages don't adhere to the wound, either.As a sterile wound dressing, Bloodstopper is useful for many kinds of trauma and major wounds. With a pressure roll and plastic wrap, it can control large open wounds and provide immediate support for surgical procedures. Unlike ordinary bandages, Bloodstopper can save space, time, and money because it can do the job of several bandages at once. Unlike other bandages, it also provides unprecedented versatility.

It's also an emergency first-aid tool for traumatic or hemorrhagic wounds. It is 6 inches wide and designed to stop bleeding after traumatic trauma. Its straps can be tightened by folding over a pressure applicator. It is a life-saving device that has saved many lives. You'll never have to be worried about whether you'll need it or not! So, make sure to carry a few with you!

Multi-purpose Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls are an essential part of emergency response kits. They can be used as pressure bandages to control bleeding, wound dressings, burn dressings, and arm slings. Its sterile contents allow it to be used in various ways. It can also be used as a compression bandage for a sling or a splint. When applied properly, Blood Stopper Bandages have become an indispensable tool in the medical field.

A Blood Stopper Bandage is also used in emergency care kits for medical teams. Emergency responders use CELOX RAPID Gauze to control bleeding from moderate to severe arterial injuries. Its chest seal dressing can prevent the progressive deterioration of breathing after severe arterial injuries. And it's used in military Tactical Combat Casualty Care. In addition to CELOX RAPID Gauze, it's also available in a chest seal dressing called FOXSEAL.  


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